Tailong Company organized the "Citizen Ethics Publicity Day" and "Our Festival Mid-Autumn Festival" theme activity

      On September 18, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 19th National "Citizen Ethics Publicity Day", the Tailong Company Party Committee organized party members and volunteers to Dongchen Group's twinning community-Jiulong Community, Xinhuai Street, to promote civic moral construction Educate and send holiday condolences to some destitute residents in the community.
      During the event, the company volunteers were divided into two groups. One group distributed brochures to the residents of the community, and vigorously promoted the four aspects of social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues and personal ethics to the residents of the community, advocating the public to carry forward the Chinese national traditions. Virtue, actively participates in the construction of the socialist moral system; another group goes deep into the community to clean up the fallen leaves, cigarette butts, dust and other garbage on the road, clean up the corridors, and provide moon cakes, rice and oil to the elderly in the community and the destitute families. The supplies enable residents to feel the strong festive atmosphere and the care of the company’s party committee while being exposed to civic moral propaganda. Afterwards, the volunteers compared "Civilization Creation Issues Rectification Accounts", from the 6 aspects of "Public Service Advertisement", "Environmental Sanitation", "Infrastructure", "Fire Protection Facilities", "Civilized Style", and "Three Guarantees in Front of the Door" , Inspected and recorded the existing problems in the community, and patiently persuaded the behaviors such as unlicensed battery vehicles, disorderly construction, and disorderly parking.
      The theme and content of this event closely revolved around the "Outline for the Implementation of Citizen Ethics in the New Era" and the "Outline for the Implementation of Patriotism Education in the New Era", allowing company volunteers and residents to have a newer and deeper understanding of the creation of civic ethics and civilization. They all said that civic morality is something that every citizen should consciously abide by. In the future, we will start with me and the small things around us in various aspects such as "civilized travel", "CD operation", and "protecting the environment". Develop good habits of civilization and practice the core values ​​of socialism.
     In the future, the Tailong company’s party committee will further enrich the content and form of thematic activities in accordance with the unified deployment of the group, combine party history learning and education, and civilized city creation, and continue to carry out the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, traditional festivals, moral construction, and civilization construction. The theme of publicity and education, give full play to the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, and take the lead in creating a civilized and progressive morality.