Tailong Company publicizes and implements the "Safety Production Law"

     Recently, in order to further publicize and implement the newly revised "Safety Production Law", Tailong Company has comprehensively promoted the study and implementation of the safety production law by organizing special study meetings and focusing on watching warning education films to build a solid foundation for production safety.
        On September 10, the company organized management personnel above the factory team level to intensively study the newly revised "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China." The leaders in charge led everyone to learn the new concepts and new content of the "Safety Production Law", and carried out detailed interpretations of the new and old content, combined with the company’s actual situation, from strengthening safety management, improving supervision mechanisms, and eliminating potential safety hazards. The company's safety production work put forward requirements.
      In order to further improve the safety awareness of employees, on September 17, the safety supervision station organized all employees to watch the "Safety Production Warning Education Video". The causes of a series of major safety accident cases in the film are shocking, and once again sounded the safety alarm for everyone. Compared with the experience of how to avoid safety accidents in the video, the employees said one after another: We must learn lessons deeply and take warning, no matter what Whether at work or in life, we must always put safety awareness first, check the operation and standardize the use of equipment in a timely manner, eliminate potential safety hazards, and reduce accidents.
      In the next step, Tailong will continue to in-depth publicize and implement the newly revised "Safety Production Law", firmly establish the concept of "safety is more important than Mount Tai", and strive to promote various safety production management work to a new level, in order to smoothly realize safe production Lay a solid foundation for the "14th Five-Year Plan" to make a good start.