Forge ahead, create a new game, concentrate on creating success

——Taylor's "two committees" general election meeting was successfully held
      After being reported to the Dongchen Group Party Committee for approval, at 8 am on October 21st, the Tailong Company’s Party Committee and Disciplinary Committee General Election Party Member Conference was successfully held. All party members of the company participated in the meeting. Deputy General Manager Comrade Cai Hualiang presided over the meeting, and the Director of Dongchen Group Party Committee Work Department Xu Shebao attended the meeting and gave a speech.
     Before the meeting, the company’s party committee and various branches did a lot of work to organize and study the "Party Constitution", "Regulations on the Work of Primary Party Organizations in State-owned Enterprises" and other general election systems, create a strong propaganda atmosphere, and help grassroots party members fully understand the general election. The rights and obligations in the election process, and strict disciplinary requirements during the general election, ensure that the conference will be held as a high-quality meeting.
     At the meeting, the company’s party committee secretary and chairman Cao Feng, on behalf of the CPC Huainan Tailong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. committee, made a speech to the conference entitled "Forge ahead and open a new chapter, cohesively create success and inject inexhaustible impetus for the high-quality development of the enterprise" report. The report comprehensively summarizes that in the past five years, under the correct leadership of the two-level party committees, Tailong Company has given full play to the leading role and advantages of state-owned enterprises’ party building in safety, sales, innovation, new plant construction, talent training, credit construction, and state-owned enterprise social Responsibility and other aspects have made outstanding achievements, and put forward the work plan, development ideas and specific measures for the next five years. The report is inspiring and inspiring. Comrade Xu Ping, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Company, made a report entitled "Playing the Role of Discipline Inspection and Supervision to Protect the Company's High-Quality Development" on behalf of the Disciplinary Committee of Tailong Company. Subsequently, all party members voted unanimously by show of hands, and reviewed and approved the work report of the party committee and the work report of the disciplinary committee.
      After the General Assembly passed the "two committees" general election method and the basic situation of the "two committees" candidates, the new committee and the disciplinary inspection committee of the Communist Party of China Huainan Tailong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were elected by secret ballot and differential election. Feng, Cai Hualiang, Xu Ping, Chai Xueliang, and Li Qiang will serve as members of the new party committee, and Xu Ping, Rong Jierong, and Pei Rujie will serve as members of the new session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.
      At the meeting, Minister Xu Shebao fully affirmed the achievements of Tailong Company in recent years and put forward specific requirements for further carrying out party building work: First, promote the study and education of party history, and continuously improve the ideological and political quality of party members and cadres; Closely focus on the central work and do a good job in party building; the third is to deepen the "three mechanisms" and strengthen the building of the leadership team and cadres; and the fourth is to play the role of the party branch as a battle fortress in the process of enterprise development.
      The conference called on all party members of the company to earnestly understand and implement the spirit of this party member conference, focus on the center, unify ideas, inspire fighting spirit, overcome difficulties, unite and gather the strength of party members and cadres, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of professional companies , Work hard to complete the goals and tasks in 2021.
     The conference closed with the majestic and passionate "Internationale". After the meeting, the new party committee and the Disciplinary Committee immediately held their first plenary meetings and elected the new party secretary, deputy secretary, and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee.
(Chu Feiyang/Text)