W steel belt for mining

Product Details
       W-shaped steel belt is also called roof steel belt. It is made of cold-pressed high-strength alloy plate. W steel belt is combined with various bolts to form the integrity of the anchor. W steel belt is a good choice for weak rock and coal roof control. W steel belt is a new type of mine supporting material. It adopts 3-5mm thick 180-320mm rolled steel plate. After cold bending into a W-shaped steel belt, W in the middle of the W steel belt is processed with an anchor hole equal to the bolt spacing. Steel belt. The anchor disc bracket can be combined with various anchor rods, and the W steel belt connects the scattered multiple anchor rods through the W steel belt to form an overall bearing structure.


Performance characteristics

1. The raw material is made of high-strength alloy strip;

2. It has higher rigidity and strength;

3. The bending modulus of the W steel belt is increased by 54 times;

4.The hardening effect of W steel strip during cold pressing can increase the tensile strength by 28-46%.