T-shaped steel belt

       The T-shaped steel belt is named because its cross-section is the same as the letter T. The T-shaped steel belt is also called the top plate steel belt and is made of high-strength alloy plate by hot rolling. Our company produces various specifications and types of T-shaped steel belt and W-shaped steel belt , The top steel belt, superb technology, high-quality materials, good quality and low price, long-lasting and durable, worthy of your trust, won unanimous praise in the mining industry. T-shaped steel belt product features: strong integrity, high strength, can be directly used as the roof joist of the pillar. With clever design, the T-shaped steel belt is designed as a double hole, which makes up for the adverse factors caused by the failure of individual anchor cables or anchor rods. The anchor cables or anchor rods can be replaced with holes to achieve overall safety and reliability. High efficiency, the anchor rod and the anchor cable are reinforced by strong T-shaped steel belt, saving the anchor tray and the anchor cable tray, saving labor and materials, and conducive to increasing the driving speed. High strength, light weight, low cost, fine workmanship, convenient and fast installation, high support strength, safety and reliability.


The main technical parameters

Dimensional tolerance of T-shaped steel belt(mm)



Arch height



Medium width


End distance





Medium Thick


Hole pitch





Edge thickness






Scope of application

        Torque nut specifications are M22 square, M22 hexagonal, M24 square, M24 hexagonal and other series of standard nuts, the nut torque reaches 80-120NM; there are various specifications of trays and other products, widely used in various types of anchors, Supporting use of anchor cables. W-shaped steel belts and T-shaped steel belts are widely used in underground coal mine tunnels, roadway cuts in working faces, tunnels and other fields, and they are more effective in dealing with unstable surrounding rocks.