Anchoring agent

Product name and main parameters
        Resin anchoring agent is a viscous bonding material synthesized by synthetic resin, accelerator, curing agent and other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion. It has fast curing time at room temperature (adjustable speed), high bonding strength, anti-aging and good durability. Etc. Implementation of standard MT 146.1-2011 resin anchor anchoring agent.

The main technical parameters



Gel time/s

waiting time/s

Color code


Super fast














Medium speed




     Note: measured under (22±1)℃ ambient temperature



Scope of application

         Resin anchoring agent is suitable for fields such as roadway support, shaft installation, building seismic reinforcement, hydroelectric engineering prestressed anchor reinforcement, highway anchor net support, equipment foundation and component anchoring, underground powerhouse, tunnel engineering support, etc.


User's manual

        (1) Scope of application of resin anchoring agent: all-rock, coal roadway, semi-coal roadway, underground rock slope protection and tunnel support in coal mine, not suitable for severe seepage rock section and soft soil support.

         (2) The surface of the resin anchoring agent and the anchor hole must not be stained with oil. In case of contamination with oil, it can be used for cleaning with a clean cloth, paper shell, etc. before use.

         (3) Select the specifications and models of resin anchoring agent according to the design requirements, and determine the diameter of the drill hole.

         (4) Determine the drilling depth according to the bolt length required by the design. The drilling depth is 80-100mm shorter than the total length of the rod body and 360-380mm shorter than the steel strand body.

         (5) Use special tools to clean the floating dust or water in the holes.

         (6) According to the designed anchoring agent length, use the rod body to send the selected anchoring agent to the bottom of the hole (when the two-speed anchoring agent is installed, the ultra-fast end is inward.), start the rotation of the agitator, and the stirring time is super fast 10-15 seconds; Fast 15-20 seconds; medium speed 20-30 seconds. And push the rod to the bottom of the hole at a constant speed.

          (7) After removing the stirrer, do not displace or shake the rod before curing. It is especially important to install the top eye. See Table 1 for the time to wait for the upper bracket to tighten the nut.

           (8) After 5 minutes of super fast CKa and 10 minutes of CKb, 15 minutes of fast and 30 minutes of medium speed, it is appropriate to test the anchoring force.

           (9) According to the on-site power conditions, the agitating installation tool can use air-driven bolt mixer or electric coal drill. It is operated by bolt rig. Drilling and bolt installation are operated in the same machine, which is more convenient.