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 Account Analyst job profile and description

An account analyst basically maintains financial records of an organization technically. The role of an accounts analyst is to display an affinity for information management. The successful candidate will also have the ability to write complex reports. At the same time the candidate could benefit from investigative skills where the records of any organization are subject to legal scrutiny. The role of the candidate can develop from a backend post or job to the job which is effectively involved   as a supervisor. A supervisor who supervises other financial experts. It is also possible that he can progress into the management department and can get the management duties.

Account Analyst duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a broadly account analyst will involve some attributes:

  1. The person should maintain the financial records of organization day to day.
  2. The person will have the Investigative projects
  3. The person should have to manage the reports also.
  4. The person will have some general supervisory duties related to account analysis.
  5. The person should be supportive to company executives technically.

Account analyst skills and specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an account analysis specialist include following:

  1. The person should have mathematical acumen.
  2. The person should be literate in computers.
  3. The person should have Analytical skills and special knowledge with a strong focus on financial matters.
  4. The person should have the skills and special knowledge related to industry field such as bookkeeping
  5. The person should have the strong communication skills and team working spirit.

Account analyst education and qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an account analyst are as following

  1. The person should have the degree of PG or any diploma in the related subjects like accounting and mathematics.
  2. The person must have got the training in accounting skills.
  3. The person should be certified for the degree he had taken.
  4. The person should have   literacy qualification of computer.
  5. The person should have some experience in the financial sector notifications.

Account Analyst Salary

The salary for an account analysis depends on professional ranges. It starts from about $30,000 at the entry level to over $100,000. The candidate working in a higher level where the role involves some managerial responsibility or any supervising duty. It is very necessary that each and every case is analyzed on its merits. There are also job roles that require extensive experience such that the successful applicant will inevitably expect remuneration with significance.  Industry is a fairly competitive place and therefore the employer has some leeway in terms of the way that they set and decides the salary for the candidates working at the higher level or at a lower level.

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