Account Receivable Job Description

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Account Receivable Job Description

Account Receivable Job Profile and Description

A company or any organization always keeps the accounting records. It also depends on the size of the company. There are generally two kinds of accounts in a company or organization. One is account receivable and other is account payable. The account receivable is the one, where the experts of related organization or company keep the account of those things, which are going to get by the company or organization. The account payable is the one, where they keep the list of the things, which are going to be paid by the company or organization. An account receivable post is there in each and every company to take care of the account receivable of the company or organization

Account Receivable Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are various and a number of responsibilities on the shoulder of the person working as the account receivable but the prime and very important duties of his or her are to take care of the account receivable of the company thoroughly and 360 degree in which he or she is working.
  •  The major responsibility of the person working as the account receivable is to maintain everything in flawless manner.

Account Receivable Skills and Specifications

  • An applicant should have enough skills and knowledge in accounting and bookkeeping to work as an account receivable needed for the company.
  • He or she should have a great command over the mathematics language as that is the most required thing for this particular job.

Account Receivable Education and Qualification

  •  For the job of an account receivable only a commerce graduate should apply. Science or other graduates should avoid this job because they are not going to be selected for the post or job in any circumstances.
  • If the applicant has done any advanced course in accounting or related domain then he will be more eligible to get the job.

Account Receivable Job Salary

  • The salary of the eligible candidate of the account receivable job is not going to be a constraint as far as account receivable job is concerned.
  • The general salary range for the job is $1500-$3000 per month.

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