Account Services Job Description

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Account Services Job Description

Account Services Job Description and Specification

It is very important to keep the record of the accounts in every company or organization whether it is large or small. Generally, there are many kinds of accounts and a related record in an organization .It is also very important to keep the each and every record maintained as well as each and every account should be kept updated, in an impeccable manner. That is why; there is always an accounts section in almost every office. There are many people deployed in this section and all of them work with a single and same aim in a team with the team working skills. The actual goal is to keep all the accounts and related records of the company or organization up dated and error-Free to get the exact financial condition. The post of account services is one of the many available posts in the accounting department.

Account Services Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime duty of a person joined in account services is to keep accounts of the company or organization updated and error free.
  • He or she can be assigned with any kind of account and his or her responsibility will be to maintain that account without any error perfectly.
  • That will be the duty of the person to do the rectification job if there is any problem found in the records which is he or she is keeping.

Account Services Skills and Specifications

  • A person willing to join as an accounts services executive should possess skills and required knowledge and specification in managing accounts.
  • He or she needs to be good at mathematics and numbers as that is the prime requirement of this job.

Account Services Education and Qualification

  • The applicant should at least have the bachelor’s degree in commerce.
  • If the applicant has done or completed master’s degree in commerce then he or she will be the more deserving candidate as far as account services job is concerned.

Account Services Job Salary

  • The salary of the person who is doing the   job in accounts services is not fixed.  As it depends on the ability of the person and requirement, therefore it is different in company to company. However, he or she can expect a salary of $2000 to $ 4000 per month, from the job.

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