Accounting Clerk Job Description

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Accounting clerk Job profile and description

An accounting clerk is a prerequisite of all businesses and is basically someone who works for the accounting and financial wing of a company. They deal with the gross money inflow and outflow of a company and are recruited for bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and preparation of financial statements. Consequently an accounting clerk should be good in handling figures and numbers.

Accounting clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Following are the basic duties and responsibilities of an accounting clerk which varies from company to company:

  • To create invoices, bills and other routine financial statements
  • Maintaining the bookkeeping records.
  • Drafting and presentation of the financial plans. However an Accounting manager does not holds an authority in advising high level financial policy making of the company.
  • Checking the errors in account statements and financial records and rectifying them.
  • Preparing monthly financial statements

Accounting clerk Skills and specifications

  • Candidate must  be very good with numbers and arithmetic calculations
  • Candidate should be able to manage time well in order to reach deadlines in preparation of financial details
  • Candidate must have the problem solving abilities and a strong presence of mind
  • Candidate must have the required knowledge of computer to deal with computer accounting packages
  • Candidate must have the  accuracy and precision in preparation of accounting details
  • Candidate must have the good communication skills in order to communicate with employees and managers

Accounting clerk education and Qualification

  • Basic degree: Candidate is required to have a high school degree at a minimum. A diploma in accounting and bookkeeping is a bonus.
  • Graduate degree: Candidate having a degree in business accounting and finance will help fetch better job opportunities.
  • Candidate should also have a computer degree in accounting software

Accounting clerk Salary

The salary of an accounting clerk generally ranges between $11.95 and $16.07 per hour and overtime pay between $17.75 and $24.44 per hour. The average salary of an accounting clerk is $33,450 annually. The remuneration is also considered on the past work experience of the clerk and may range between $21,280 and $50, 450 annually.

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