Accounts Payable Manager Job Description

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Accounts payable manager job profile and description

The role of an accounts payable manager has some executive duties. The candidate has to work as a supervisor in terms of financial teams within an organization. It is basically a step up from the low end account processing jobs. Consequently the individual or the candidate who is successful in the role of accounts payable manager will need to demonstrate the ability to manage others. The candidates should be able to delegate and control budgets. It depends on the structure of the organization that the candidates are working with.

Accounts payable manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an accounts payable manager include some points:

  1. The candidate will have some accounting roles and the general supervision.
  2. The candidate will have roles related to management and executive actions.
  3. The duty to check all accounts that are verified within the company or the organization
  4. The candidate will have some audit duties depending on the financial season of the company.

Accounts payable manager skills and specifications

This is a supervisory role and therefore there will be a set of complex skills and specification that are attached to the role including some points:

  1. The candidate should have high tuned financial management skills.
  2. The candidate has the ability to work with teams.
  3. The candidate should have the general supervisory skills and specifications.
  4. The candidate must be good at mathematic acumen.
  5. The candidate must have the ability to deal with complex tasks.

Accounts payable manager education and qualification

There are various qualifications that are required for accounts payable manager including some points:

  1. He should have the nationally recognized accounting qualification.
  2. He should have the education to degree standard
  3. He should have the literacy and numeric qualifications.
  4. He should have management qualifications.
  5. He should have a clean criminal records check.

Accounts payable manager salary

The salary for an accounts payable manager is at executive level. Therefore successful applicants should be aiming to start at about $70,000.  This salary can be considerably higher for individuals that have exceptional skills or qualifications related to the post. There are also some opportunities such as promotions as well as personal development. in the job. Those can increase the potential salaries for successful applicants. On the other hand the benefits of executive responsibility will also be very much significant. They might include a car from company and free healthcare insurance.

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