Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Description

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Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Profile and Description

There are lots of payments a business house pays every day and so it is needed a person to look after these payments. Accounts payable supervisor actually looks after the payments, the company gives out on daily basis. The accounts payable supervisor should have the ability to maintain the financial accounts of a company, especially, the payable account. The account payable supervisor needs to be a very punctual person and it is the duty of him to make sure that there is no delay in any kind of payments.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime duty of an accounts payable supervisor is to look after the payments. Basically he or she has to supervise all the payment giving activity of the company, in which section he or she has been posted.
  • The accounts payable supervisor has also to ensure that the right person is getting the right payment and that is also on time.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Skills and Specification

  • An accounts payable supervisor   has to take care of all the payments the company, so it is very necessary for him or her  to be a very alert person because a single mistake committed by him or her can cause a great loss to the company.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Education and Qualification

  • There is no certain qualification is required to apply for a post of accounts payable supervisor.
  • A person from a science background,  can also apply for an accounts payable supervisor job; but candidates from commerce background have an edge over the other candidates.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Salary

  • The salary of an accounts payable supervisor is decided according to his or her skills and past experiences.
  • However, the salary of the accounts payable supervisor can fluctuate between $1500 – $4000 per month.

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