Advertising Account Executive Job Description

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Advertising Account Executive Job Profile and Description

In the time of globalization today’s business atmosphere has changed a lot .Now a days a cut-throat competition is going on in almost each and every sector of the business in every field.  Companies are leaving no stone and no chance unturned to attract or fetch customers towards them. The prime weapon companies are using to attract customers to buy and get attracted to their product is the advertising. They are advertising their products and services in every space possible.. There is a separate advertising account in every company and the advertising account executive is there to take care of the advertising account.

Advertising Account Executive Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime duty of an advertising account executive is to take care and handle the advertising account of the company, in which he or she is posted.
  • Another most important duty is that he or she has to keep the advertising account of the company updated and it should be in flawless manner.
  • An advertisement account executive has to take all the responsibilities regarding the advertising account of the company he or she is working in..

Advertising Account Executive Skills and Specifications

  • Applicant must have the skills, specification and knowledge which is needed for the job.
  • Applicant must have great skills and required knowledge in mathematics because it is mostly need mathematics to do this particular job.

Advertising Account Executive Education and Qualification

  • Basic degree: Applicant must be commerce graduate for the job of advertisement account executive. If the applicant has done any higher study in accounting then it will give more benefit to him or her and they will be the preferred candidate.
  • Other degree:  If the applicant has completed bachelor’s degree in any other discipline than the commerce, then they can also apply but there are a very few chances to get the job as it is the job requirement for accounts

Advertisement account executive salary

The salary of an advertisement account executive is basically depends on his or her particular skills and specification which is  needed for the job .If  the applicant has any past experience of working in  the particular field then it will give more benefit to him or her.                                                                                                                                                    Salary basically comes  in the range of $200 – $5000.

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