Asset Accounting Manager Job Description

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Asset Accounting Manager Job Profile and Description

Asset Accounting Managers report to the CFO. They are responsible for ensuring that the company’s fixed assets or depreciable capitalized assets are properly accounted as well as   optimized as an accounting item.  They manage a team of asset accountants and in a large company, can each be assigned to handle a category of depreciable assets like real estate, buildings in a chain of department stores or malls, fleet of vehicles used to transport executives or as part of the business like delivery trucks, ships, trains and aircraft.  They can also be assigned to account for information system licenses and computers, sales merchandises goods, office supplies and manufacturing or assembly plants.

Asset Accounting Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The manager has to conduct periodic thorough review of corporate real estate property holdings to ensure they are utilized productively in the business or allied enterprises.
  • The manager has to coordinate with Business Development or Franchising Managers to ascertain that all corporate assets on loan are paid up or returned.
  • The manager has to Oversee purchase bids and negotiations in the disposal of fully depreciated assets that are no longer useful or cannot be rehabilitated.
  • The manager has to supervise a team of asset accountants to ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their employment conditions.
  • The manager has to implement the approved depreciation policy and other accepted accounting practices.

Asset Accounting Manager Skills and Specifications

  • The candidate must  possess excellent organizational, leadership, supervisory and managerial competence with the ability to work long hours and under deadline pressures
  • The candidate must be a CPA with excellent computational abilities to check on the work of accountants
  • The candidate must have strong interpersonal and communication skills

Asset Accounting Manager Education and Qualifications

  •  Degree of MBA is often basic, especially in technology-centric firms.
  • The candidate must have the previous accounting experience handling fixed assets or properties is preferred

Asset Accounting Manager Salary

The salary basically depends on the state and industry, the Asset Accounting Manager can earn anywhere between $75,000 and $120,000 annually on a full time employment.  The salary can also be significantly higher depending on the value of fixed assets being managed

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