Balance Sheet Reconciliation Job Description

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Balance Sheet Reconciliation Job Profile and Description

A balance sheet professional is basically supposed to undertake specific duties that are related to the accounts of the company. They fall within the highly specialized and qualified teams that work in the financial sector. Sometimes the role of them is outsourced from an external provider but the supervision of them remains with an executive within the company. It is a role that is finely related to the financial year since there are specific deadlines that are supposed to be met prior to completing the reconciliation.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities for a person working as a balance sheet professional will take place according to the company that they are working for. In general these are some of the terms that have been attached for this role:

  1. The candidate has to collect relevant information about annual accounts.
  2. The candidate has to collate information and present it according to minimum standards.
  3. The candidate has to analyze financial trends and make recommendations to senior executives.
  4. The candidate has to  follow standard procedures of the organization.
  5. The candidate has to ensure that other members of the team follow standard procedures.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Skills and Specifications

The specifications and skills requirements for the role   include some points:

  1. The ability to deal with complex data related to company.
  2. The consistency to delivery scheduled results.
  3. The understanding of financial procedures in and outside the company.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a balance sheet reconciliation role are as follows:

  1. He must be having education to at least secondary school level.
  2. He must be having tertiary certificates in accounting.
  3. He must have the needed computer qualifications.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Salary

The salary for a professional working in this sector is basically depends on negotiation.. At the lower end, candidate can expect to earn more than $20,000. The sky is the limit when it comes to the top end. Therefore candidates will be judged on the ability to do the work and also the level of training that they have attained related to the field

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