General Accountant Job Description

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General Accountant Job Profile and Description

The general accountant has to do the work related to tax. Small or large accounting firm employs a general accountant and the companies also employ them as a staff accountant whose primary business is not accounting. The general accountant has to compose the tax chart and provide tax advices with financial planning for clients who can be individual or business house. A general accountant has basically to do the work related to tax and budgets such as composing tax returns, preparing revenue vs. expenditure chart for the clients. A general accountant creates budget, reviews budget and keep every thing according to budgets .They make financial details of the various clients. A general accountant also verifies the accounting distribution.

General Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

   The duties and responsibilities of a general accountant are following:

  • The accountant should have to prepare the budgets and have to make the tax return details for both clients.
  • The accountant should also have to compile and compose a client’s financial information.
  • The accountant has to   create, reviews and maintains budgets perfectly and updated.
  • They also may need to investigate accounting discrepancies.
  • They should also have to communicate with clients to advice about tax laws.

General Accountant Skills and Specifications

  • To be a general accountant he or she should be expert in accounting and arithmetic as it is the work of accounts.

General Accountant Education and Qualification

  • A General Accountant Candidate should have a four-year degree in business accounting or a closely related with the field.
  • There is also an opportunity for the candidates in many companies which seek a candidate having 3 or 4-year degree in business administration or commerce related field of accounting.
  • It will be more beneficial for the Applicant who may have the certificate of public accountant.
  • This is provided in American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

General Accountant Job Salary

  • The salary of a general accountant is not fixed and it changes from person to another person and one company to other company.
  • The effective factor upon the salary is the skills and past experience of a person.
  • The salary of a horticulture worker comes between $500 – $1500 on monthly

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