Night Auditor Job Description

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Night auditor job description and profile

The job of a night auditor is to ensure that the daily accounts regarding accommodation are fine or perfect or not. For example in a hotel food facilities are accurate or not. It may either be a part time or full time job. Duties may extend beyond just auditing and accounts. He or she may also have to double as front desk receptionist.

Night auditor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a night auditor are:

  • A night auditor has to balance the books and accounting records and have to  keep the  track of daily income and expense which actually  includes room charges, room service charges and charges of other paid services in a hotel
  • He or she will have to maintain the records related to  guests so she or he will have to make  ledgers and settle check-in and check-out accounts
  • He or she will have to  take care of the guests and has to allocate  rooms or change  rooms if requested and should have to record all the information
  • He or she will have the qualities of communication so that can greet guests at the reception and make necessary formal entries
  • He or she will have to collect  payments at the time of checking out  from clients
  • He or she will have to understand the rules and regulations of the hotel and will have to  process refunds as per the regulations of the hotel
  • He or she will have to estimate the everyday expenses and take care about the incomes.
  • He or she will have to do the work related to coming day such as checking finances, making deposits while keeping sufficient for the coming day
  • He or she will have to record all the statements and have to make entries of all information in the computer
  • He or she will have the knowledge of modern techniques such as will be able to  make online reservations and post information about room vacancy
  • He or she will have to take care of the guests and will have to maintain confidentiality of all guest information
  • He or she will also be able to handle the customer and can tackle customer complaints or if it is needed , refer the complaints to respective departments

Night auditor skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a night auditor are:

  • The candidate should have the excellent communication skills as it is the job of negotiating with people.
  • The candidate has to organize the information so it is very necessary that he or she has to be extremely organized and meticulous in work
  • He or she must have the excellence in mathematics and accounts
  • He or she must have the extraordinary working skills and tremendous presence of mind
  • He or she will have the quality of working in a stress full environment and has excellent troubleshooting and decision making skills
  • The candidate should have the good customer service ethics and understanding
  • He or she has the ability and knowledge on personal grooming
  • The most important requirement for the post is that the  candidate should have thorough knowledge regarding different charges of the hotel like updated room rents
  • He or she should have the ability to work under stress

Night auditor education and qualification

The qualification for a night auditor actually depends on the company whether it is large or small and the education is needed The candidate should have a high school diploma with mathematics as a subject works for small hotels but for big hotels, a college degree in accounting and finance is necessary.

Night auditor salary

A night auditor can get the salary depends up on the factors like up on the hotel, experience, qualities of the candidate. He or she   may earn between $16,000 and $31,000 per annum.

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