Patient Accounts Clerk Job Description

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Patient Accounts Clerk Job Description and Profile general supervision, the job of Patient Accounts Clerk entails computing, billing, posting and collecting patient accounts. The Patient Accounts clerk initiates the assembly of data and mature decision making in the analysis of facts and relevant data. He likewise performs related tasks and duties when required of him to do.

Duties and Specifications

  • The clerk provides mediation between the health care providers and the patients and responsible personnel and sources of revenues, to ensure the appropriateness and correctness of all charges as well as records of all patient transactions.
  • The clerk verifies charges on health care against rates for treatment, diagnosis, supplies and services.
  • The clerk maintain all patient accounts with the use of automated billing system via codes meant to facilitate reimbursement from commercial and government insurance groups.
  • The clerk establishes responsibility in the collection of shares of patients.
  • The clerk collects patient data like information on treatment, diagnosis, eligibility as well as insurance verification.
  • The clerk submits claims to sources of payments such as Medicare, Medic-Cal and other reimburses.
  • The clerk prepares letters and correspondence for accounts collection.
  • The clerk maintains regular communications and coordination with patients until such time that the accounts are paid.

Duties and Specifications

  • He should be able to elicit and check relevant information, oftentimes of highly sensitive and personal nature coming from a broad range of people as well as agencies.
  • He should be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • He must know how to read and apply procedures, policies and regulations
  • He should be able to work with minimum supervision and extensive detail.
  • He should be able to prepare appropriate correspondence with the use of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • He must coordinate all important functions and be able to work in harmony with others.
  • He must know how to utilize computer applications.
  • He can organize all types of functions and be able to set task priorities.

Educations and Qualifications

  • He should be having   Bachelor’s Degree in any Science or Business Course.
  • He should have one year of relevant office experience that involves public contact in medical or health office.

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