Public Relations Accounts Executive Job Description

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Public Relations Accounts Executive Job Profile and Description

Public relations account executive can also be called public image builders. They actually work between the clients and consumers like a bridge. This is because they work on improving or building a client’s public image by protecting the brands of the company of the clients. Public relations executive ensure that’s there is a healthy and long lasting relationship between the client and the customers. They promote the company and work on building profit bases by making sure that the clients are well satisfied and are receiving maximum returns and the product is well brought to consumers.

Public Relations Accounts Executive Duties and Responsibilities
There are the following duties and responsibilities of an executive which she or he has to fulfill:

Applicant should have at least a bachelor degree in commerce.

The applicant should have the excellence in communications as it is the job of interacting with people.

  • They write press releases that are communicated to the media fraternity to market to promote their clients. They also tell consumer more about the brand or client to build the image. They also design marketing portfolios for clients such as Company logos, artwork, advertisements and branding materials.
  • They are responsible for promoting the brands to consumers including sales, marketing and advertising promotions and other consumer outreach programs.
  • They arrange the interaction of consumers and clients by road shows and workshops for a client to meet the press and the consumers.
  • They have to use the creativity in promotional material and presentations that are to be displayed to the press and the consumers.
  • They basically have to tell and show the customers the qualities of the brand so they have to do the activities such as organizing workshops and seminars to educate the consumer world on the product and the benefits of its use.

Public Relations Accounts Executive Education and Qualification

  • There are some attributes which are needed to be public relations account executive and they are as follows:
  •  Applicant should have the degree related to communications, public relations, commerce with a major in marketing and public relations.
  • Applicant should have the knowledge of English.
  • It will be a bonus to the applicant if he or she will have any other qualifications in marketing or advertising.
  • Applicant should have a diploma in public relations.

Public Relations Accounts Executive Skills and Specifications

There are some necessary skills and specifications which are needed to be a public relation account executive:

  • Applicant should have an additional of expertise or knowledge in social sciences, finance and business, economics, journalism, communications, journalism.
    Applicant should be Expert or must have some past experience in the related field for 3 – 5 years in the field.
  • It will add an advantage to him or her having membership in the Public Relations Student Society of America
  • Applicant should have the Creative mind and have interest in artwork .It will also be a major boost.

Public Relations Accounts Executive Salary

The salary of a public relations account executive can be 4000 – 5000 USD monthly. It basically depends up on the excellence and expertise he or she has got.

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