Administration Director Job Description

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Administration Director Job Profile and Description

The administration director has to manage the financial and human resources and do all the organizational work  and will have to perform a wide variety of functions that include but is not limited to accounting, finance, human resources and administration functions. An administration director must have the enough required experience and need to possess a good educational background on the field. Being an administration director the candidate also needs to entails a great deal of computer, management and budgeting skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of an administration director

The key duties and responsibilities expected from an administration director circulate around the following functions:

  • An administration director has to do the organizational duties specially related to salary so will have to maintain the pay rolls and provide the salary to all the staff members time to time and properly manage the records
  • He or she will have to also look into the matter of finance so will have to prepare the financial statements and records and produces a written output of financial statements of the institution and ensures prompt submission to the finance and audit committees.
  • He or she will have the responsibility of providing proper information to the staff so will have to supply the staff with pertinent information and valuable know-how in order to maintain smooth, risk-free operations within the organization.
  • A director also has to carry the responsibility of obtaining insurance for the organization or the institution.
  • He or she will have to develop the shifting schedules of the workers employed in the institution while ensuring strict adherence to these schedules and creating the necessary alterations as seen fit.

He or she will have to think about the staff and should pinpoint the hazards and problems of employees and safeguard the health and wellbeing of the employees by pinpointing occupational hazards to health within the premises and in close proximity to the institution.

  • He or she will first of all have to set the achieving targets for the employees and then must define the ways to the staff so also has to create the institution institutional work plan, while listing realistic, achievable goals while following a specific time frame.

He or she will have to help to the employees with the help of directing, supervising and appointing the function of each employee while providing an opportunity for improvement through valuable feedback.

  • The candidate should have the ability of being a representative as he or she will have to represent the organization and maintains an unblemished reputation among clients and colleagues.
  • Because he or she will have to work as a leader in the staff so will have to serve as a role model, which the different workers in the institution can look up to.
  • The candidate should have the extra ordinary talent of being a motivator because he or she will have to serve as a good motivator to the various workers of the institution by coming up with brilliant motivational techniques and work incentives.
  • The administrative director should be always be trying to increase the ability of an employee so in order to that will have to train the employees and the continuous development of the veteran employee.
  • He or she will have to provide the support to the vision and mission statements of the institution as evidenced by his daily actions and encourages workers to do the same.
  • The most important duty is to ensure about the effective division as well as distribution of supplies of information and other things among various departments and members of the staff.

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