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The word ‘Administration’ actually mean any work which is to be done with the goal in which people have  to  manage  and perform those operations and tasks which actually help in the running of an organization or company. It can be directly or indirectly done. In administration the duty of the peoples always is to supervise and direct the people to achieve the certain goal. It may include many sub fields but the nature of work of a person in this field always revolves around governing and directing people in order to reach a certain goal.

The duties of the persons involved in administration may be different for each different organization or work set up but in a general organization there are various attributes that forms the part of all the administration job descriptions.

There are the following and are a few types of job posts in this area of work:

  • Operations administration job
  • Business administration job
  • Junior manager job
  • Data entry supervisor job


A person who desires to be the part of the administration department and interested to be an administrator of a company, the following few points shall be of help to the person:

  • The person wants to be the part of it should at least hold a bachelor’s degree in administration or business administration.
  • A person having an MBA degree may always be a preferred choice in comparison to someone who has only done graduation or a starter.
  • Experience always counts for the every person desiring to be the part .A person with ample experience in the field of administration will always win more points than one who doesn’t.
  • The other attributes which can make a good administrator to a person are good personality, leadership skills, good interpersonal skills etc…

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