Area Manager Job Description

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Area Manager Job Profile and Description

The responsibility of an area manager is very wide since it picks out company branches.  It is also the job to supervise and evaluate all the company branches under its jurisdiction

An area manager is responsible for all the performances of a company’s branch including its employees in a specified area of responsibility and the branches that have poor performance in marketing, production, and management.

Most of the time an area manager has to do the operational, managing, and marketing work and solve the problems that’s why he or she is called ‘TROUBLE SHOOTER’ for any branch of company which needs experience.

This kind of position requires a lot of skills especially in communication since this kind of job are more on communicating with branch managers around the area. It is also the role of a branch manager to report regularly the performance of the company’s branches to its main office.

Duties and Responsibilities of an area manager

There are a lot of duties which an area manger has to do and these are the major responsibilities of an area manager which she or he has to fulfill:

  • BRANCH MANAGER: An area manager is basically an in charge of the entire branch managers in his or her assigned area of responsibility.

A. He or she will have to meet the branch managers time to time

B. He or she will have to visit and evaluate the work of areas managers and see if they are working with the standard measures and will have to see the performances as well.

  •  INSPECTING THE WORK: An area manager evaluates the assigned branches performance

A.   He or she will have to evaluate the work in terms of probability, production and its employee’s performance as well.

B.   It is the obligation of an area manager to manipulate company branches that are not performing well. Troubleshooting is done by area managers especially in newly opened branches.

  • MANAGERIAL FUNCTION: An area manager applies all managerial functions in a wide scope.
  1. An area manager is most of the time called the head manager because they have to do the works such as leading the branch managers to perform well.
  2. He or she will have to organize the branches to perform well as well as control the branches expense.
  3. He or she will also have to implement the strategies to avoid the certain risks or uncertainties.
  4. An area manager should be always updated by the current economic trends and about the economy.
  5. He or she will have to formulate the trends and apply it on branches under their jurisdiction in order to avoid business failures and loss of sales.

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