Business Administration Career Job Description

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Business administration career job profile and description

The business administration career professional actually has to do the work related to the administration and management of the business. He or she will have to do the expansive work and will take in many different elements that work to the advantage of the successful candidate. The job is based on the commercial and practical and commercial management of many establishments. All the organizations have to clean up their managerial roles if they are to have any chance of success within a competitive world.

Business administration career duties and responsibilities

The responsibilities for a business administration career professional include:

  1. A business administration career professional has to do the management work for the organization time to time means the day to day management of the organization.
  2. He or she will have to manage the staff and also have to maintain the personal matters of the staff
  3. He or she will also have to play the financial roles which have to be done for complementing the accountancy system.
  4. He or she will have to perform a number of duties including executive which can be defined by the organization.

Business administration career skills and specifications

The specification and skills required of a business administration career professional include:

  1. The candidate should have the ability of management so that can manage people.
  2. The candidate should have the ability to manage resources and to utilize them.
  3. The candidate should have a very high level of communication skills both verbally and written.
  4. He or she should have the understanding of the dimensions of modern technology.
  5. He or she should be very clear about the organizational skills as is the work related to organization.

Business administration career education and qualification

There are certain qualifications that are associated with the role of business administration career professional. They include:

  1. The candidate should at least have a degree in business administration for the job.
  2. He or should have the sundry management qualifications and skills.
  3. As it is the requirement for the job so it is necessary to be IT qualified
  4. Candidate must also have the Low level financial qualifications.

Business administration career salary

  • The salary for a business administration career professional will creep up on an accountant depending on how the role has been defined.
  • At the starting one can expect about $50,000 when you first graduate.
  • As the successful candidate gains more experience the salary can go right up to $100,000 per annum.
  • The salary depends up on the prospects that the individual has in terms of managing their business roles.
  • They also offer new insights into the development of specific technical capabilities.

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