Business Administrator Job Description

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Business Administrator Job Profile and Description

A business administrator is actually the in charge of the company’s service products and services. The job is not an easy task for it is very complex in nature. The primary job of a business administrator is to lead, to control, operate and organize business activities. In short, the job of a business administrator can be referred to a general manager, operations manager and strategic manager.  Some cases, they are referred as CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Duties and Responsibilities of a business administrator

A business administrator has to do all the work related to the managers and here are some primary responsibilities of a business administrator which she or he has to fulfill:

  • The basic duty of a business administrator is to attract and fetch the more new clients and retailers in order to endorse and cover new strategic sales research in order to attract more clients and retailers.
  • He or she should also look to the work of employees carefully so will have to promote and distribute the awards to their outstanding and well working employees and then encourage others also.
  • A business administrator’s responsibility is more on public relations because they are actually serving for the customers and is also involve in after-sales service means they will also try to get feedback.
  • He or she will also have to work for the company deals so will have to sign the closing and upcoming deals for the company.
  • The person or candidate should have the quality of creative so should have the ability of generally operating the branch or branches of the company.
  • The person should be very dedicated to the work so should show cleanliness and orderliness within the company to work perfectly.
  • The business administrator should have the required qualities such as he or she should be very attentive to his or her work. More importantly, a business administrator must be punctual in managing and selling the company’s products and to get the feedback to the customers..
  • He or she should have to try properly for the marketing of the product so should advertise sales and services and properly administering his/her staff.
  • He or she should have to take part actively in selling and introducing the products so for that will have to take part in recruiting, selecting and training different work force to sell new products.
  • The person should have the skills and specifications of motivation of their employees and should be very experienced and have motivational skills in handling existing staff members and assistants to understand them and give the needs of their employees. They will have to try to encourage the employees and give them a needy stress free environment.
  • A business administrator must be able to create or enhance new products for marketing purposes.
  • The person should have the qualities of being familiar with their competitors and should be always updated by the company’s work as well as with the flows and downturns of the business economy. Therefore, he must be able to generate new products on increasing the company’s sales.
  • A business administrator needs to be upgraded with the inventory information so should examine the stock records, sales figures, determines problems analyzes and find the perfect solutions for these problems.
  • He or she will have to setting up business forecast and budgeting system for new required and previous stocks.
  • He or she will be always looking for the financial matter and sustain the company’s stocks in order to avoid financial loss due to overflowing of supplies.
  • He or she should always be involved in overall promotional scheme that involves changing or replacing new uniforms for his/her staff in general preparations for the new season.
  • A Business administrator has to approve and analyze the budget proposals for the company so will have to look perfectly into the matter as it is a very crucial matter.
  • He or she should think about the employees also so should provide enough benefits for their employees like holiday bonus, 13th month pay and other rewards.

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