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Cleaner Job Profile and Description

To refer to cleaner as simply cleaners is an understatement.  A cleaner performs a vital function in any institution. The tasks of a cleaner may be simple but they are truly useful and indispensable. The institute is really dependable up on a cleaner. Their functions go beyond simply cleaning. In fact cleaning is only a part of the difficult task. A cleaner has to play the varied roles. The job of a cleaner may vary depending on the institution they work for. However, there are a few vital or key roles that a cleaner must perform regardless of institutional differences.

Duties and Responsibilities of a cleaner

The job of a cleaner contains vital works here are some of the key responsibilities of a cleaner which has to be done:

  • The most important duty of a cleaner is to assess the cleanliness and hygiene situation of the establishment and then also have to detect the current and potential problems.
  • A cleaner has to perform common and basic household task to maintain a clean work place. This may com in the form of sweeping floors, cleaning walls and windows and throwing the trash Broom the floor. It can be anything like this.
  • A cleaner also has to do the work of repairing so will have to do the simple repairs that do not need professional help. Such repairs can include repairing wall panels and the like.
  • A cleaner has to perform the simple and common security measures such as locking the doors and closing windows on the right time if needed is also included in the functions of a wall cleaner.
  • A cleaner should monitor the work continuously Continuous monitoring of the cleanliness of facilities of extensive repairs must be done by cleaner and other major renovations in the work area or office and other equipment time to time.
  • A cleaner should always look to the work so if there is any need to inform the management then, should do that for the need
  • A cleaner has to perform simple sterilization procedures and process such as boiling rugs and other cloths.
  • A cleaner has to initiate simple wood repairs such as tables’ chairs that do not need require major attention.
  • Repairing work like painting the ceilings and other office or household equipment that fall under minor repairs. Monitoring hazards in the establishment such as those related to fire and electricity must be also done by a cleaner.
  • A cleaner has to clean the walls, windows and corridors in case of snow, rain or other debris.
  • A cleaner should be always ensuring about the cleanliness and hygiene in restrooms and other places in the building.
  • A cleaner performs the delicate tasks of maintenance and repair that is needed in any workplace, regardless the nature of its work.
  • The need for cleanliness, hygiene and safety is a universal. Therefore the cleaner’s task affects the quality of work of everyone in the institution.
  • A cleaner makes the office or building comfortable, clean and just like our own home everyone likes to work in an environment that is clean, safe and healthy

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