Company Secretary Job Description

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Company Secretary Job Profile and Description

A company secretary has to attend meetings with company share holders and board of directors as is also responsible to ensure proper legal norms and financial standards of the company. It doesn’t mean that a company secretary has to provide typical legal advices but this designation is concerned with standards of corporate governance. A company secretary works in a medium to a huge organization and in international brands.

Duties and Responsibilities of a company secretary

There are a lot of responsibilities which a company secretary has to fulfill and here are the some of them:

  • A company secretary has to process the records and then has to prepare the legal agenda of company by processing records.
  • A company secretary has to keep all the records for minutes of meetings along with annual general meetings with potential share holders.
  • He or she will have to look to the management and his duties may include monitoring the necessary changes in regulatory management and legislation if it is necessary.
  • He or she will always have to ensure that the company measures standards are properly complied and used perfectly before signing new deals with the clients.
  • A company secretary has to take care and maintain the records of insured property of company and over dues for the same.
  • He or she needs to maintain the coordination with authorities and external regulatory.
  • He or she will also have the duties of collecting updated data, writing reports and ensuring decisions regarding accounting and tax etc.
  • As he or she working in the company then will have the duty to take care of company PR and financial management and should be always work for the growth of the company.

Skills and Specifications of a company secretary

The candidate desiring for the job of a company secretary should have the following skills and specifications:

  • The candidate should have the thorough knowledge of the common rules and regulations of a company He or she should have the deep knowledge of corporate regulatory and company rules or norms so that can work with the standard measures.
  • The candidate should have the quality of accessing all the records and accounts so that can provide any information about the company or any other thing whenever it will be needed. Basically He or she must be able to access all records to obtain required information whenever needed.
  • He or she should have the required quality of knowing the legal things about the company and so should have the knowledge of complaining legal codes of company and must be able to oversee company system to ensure legal norms.
  • The Candidate must be able to communicate with anybody and will carry him or herself so he or she must have good communication skills.
  • The candidate should be able to arrange the meetings with company legal advisors and board of directors and also can schedule the meetings with anybody.

Education and Qualification

A company secretary must have the qualification of at least a graduation degree in any stream and should have completed his CS course from ICSI. Any additional course or diploma will surely prove to be an added advantage to him or her. The salary also depends up on the qualification and any other certified degree.

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