Desktop Publishing Job Description

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Desktop Publishing Job Profile and Description

Desktop Publishing professional has to carry out a lot of tasks such as producing brochures, managing out publications, advertisements and other graphic documents. They are highly popular today; hence, the proliferation of jobs in this sector. He has a specific deadline to meet and needs to have a flair for design to be able to carry out the job efficiently. They are hired both on fulltime and part- time basis by the print and online publications according to establishment.

Desktop Publishing Duties and Responsibilities

There are a lot of duties and responsibilities which a desktop publisher has to fulfill:

  • The most important duty is to design the graphic impact very nicely which looks good on screen
  • He or she has to make the use of the good sense of color in order to make the graphic perfect.
  • He or she has to give a specific style to the publication and to maintain the readability.
  • He or she also has to decide the size of the fonts which should be used in the publication.
  • It is also needed to ensure and maintain the good amount of space between the lines so will have to Make use of the knowledge on the aspects of typography
  • He or she will have to use properly the usage of Photoshop, illustrator, and flash for best results.
  • He or she will have to manipulate all the graphic and text elements
  • He or she will have to do the perfect work so can work with editors, writers, photographers and artists, publications, printers etc in order to complete a particular assignment with efficiency.
  • After completing the design it is also the duty to send the drafts for review by copy editors and proofreaders.

Desktop Publishing Skills and Specifications

The candidate must have the following skills and specifications for the job:

  • COMPUTER SKILLS: The candidate should have the excellent computer skills in order to do the work perfectly as the work is computerized.
  • MANUAL AGILITY: The candidate should have the excellent manual agility for the post.
  • EYE FOR DETAILS: The candidate should have to keep an eye for details and also has to oversee that.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The candidate should also have the good communication skills so that can communicate with them.
  • GREAT ARTISTIC ABILITY: The candidate should have the ability to do the work artistically as the job requires a lot of creativity.

Education and qualifications of a desktop publisher

  • ¬†Only a college degree is not imperative to get a desktop publishing job, but certificate course in this field is an added advantage.
  • The candidate should have adequate credentials needed to work as a desktop publishing professional.

Desktop Publishing Salary

The salary of a desktop publisher can be according to the Median Annual Earnings in U.S 2009 for Desktop Publishers is $36,470.

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