Office Administrator Job Description

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Office Administrator Job Profile and Description

The job of an office administrator covers a broad spectrum of functions. He or she will have to be responsible for the operations happening smoothly in the organization and the duties contain ranging from handling human resources to balancing financial assets, depending on the previously agreed-upon policies of the organization. The scope of the job and the responsibilities is very closely dependent on their qualifications, educational attainment and level of expertise and experience. The office administrator is responsible for ensuring smooth operations within the organization while upholding the institution’s mission and vision and adhering to its set standards and decided measures.

Duties and Responsibilities of an office administrator

An office administrator has to do a lot of works and activities. The duties and responsibilities that are expected to be performed by a competent office administrator are the following:

  • An office administrator has to supervise the daily functions of the staff and then has to ensure the productivity and checking the quality of the output work.
  • He or she will have to perform job interviews and sometimes select the candidate and then will have to see to it that if it is done according to the standards, rules and regulations of the institution.
  • He or she will have to support and provide help to the new trainees by orienting, educating, and training fresh employees. They will also have to acquaint them with their specific responsibilities. After that communicate in clear terms what is expected from the employees and then help them totally to introduce to the institution’s vision and mission statement.
  • An office administrator will have to manage and maintain payroll and then will have to ensure the accuracy, time and efficiency distribution of salaries to the employees.
  • He or she will have to train the new employees with the perfection so they will have to provide staff with room for improvement. In this situation they will be able to get the education in such atmosphere and by the continuous education and so that they will receive valuable feedback on their job.
  • He or she will have to conduct assessment and evaluation on a continuous basis regarding the performance of the staff  because it will aids in the process of promotion to them
  • He or she will have to be very much ensuring about the maintenance of a working environment containing the office equipments that yields productivity and furnishes essential office supplies.
  • He or she will have to oversee to the basic work of the institution including planning, organizing and managing of the various activities done within and outside the institution.
  • An office administrator will have to handle the operations within the institution so he or she will have to conduct a very close observation and make all the essential recommendations to the management. It will help in doing the work more effectively and more organized by handling of specific operations within the institution.
  • He or she will have to do the work of a reporter means he or she will have to make the estimated yearly expenditures and after that produce written output regarding the institution’s budget.
  • He or she will have to handle all the matters that are directly related to the leave privileges of the workers of the institution perfectly.
  • He or she will have to work as a medium among all the workers of the institution so will have to communicate with the workers and maintain an effective medium of close collaboration in the organization.
  • He or she will have to do the work of serving as the receiver of important mail, documents and ordered items delivered to the organization’s address very patiently..
  • An office administrator will also have to perform a series of secretarial functions for the committee or organization such as additional services depending on the individual policies and procedures related to the institution.

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