Personal Assistant Job Description

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Personal Assistant Job Profile and Description

The job of a personal assistant is to provide support to the administrator. A personal assistant is appointed to do the common jobs of a secretary such as arrange meetings, attend calls and initiate company conversations. Basically, this appointment does multitasking functions all related to assist the administrator. Generally, personal assistant works with directors, high level executives, producers, politicians and attorneys and generally they hired in a large company or by a director has a lot of work.

Duties and Responsibilities of a personal assistant

  • A personal assistant has to attend telephonic conversations and also needs to process the received inquiries to bring desired outcome perfectly.
  • He or she has to the common jobs such as organizing business meetings, formal parties as per requirement with the clients and business partners.
  • A personal assistant is responsible for doing the assistant works such as e-mails, fax and dispatching important documentation of the related person.
  • The duty of a personal assistant includes taking dictation, writing letters and emails and maintaining all the correspondence in black & white format of their administrator.
  • A personal assistant is responsible for briefing papers, presentations, articles and processing presentations to the people.
  • As it is the duty to assist the administrator so a personal assistant has to travel along with the employer from one place to another whenever required.
  • The most important duty is to make the healthy coordination and communication with office departments whenever required and also with travel agencies/ hotels to do required arrangements for the employer perfectly.

Skills and Specifications

  • The candidate desiring for the post of a personal assistant should compulsorily have the knowledge of emailing, processing mandatory invoices and online documentation as it is the most important requirement.
  • A personal assistant must have the quality of initiate with anybody so should be able to initiate conversations and should have the knowledge of secret documents and how to keep them confidential.
  • As it is a job of a personal assistant then traveling with the employer is necessary so candidate must be willing to travel any time during important business meetings, conferences or events with or without the employer.
  • As he or she will have to does the writing work most probably so it is also needed to have extraordinary writing skills. He should have good writing skills to produce trade papers with zero error.
  • A personal assistant job needs a lot of experience so candidate must have the extensive experience of organizing business meetings.
  • He or she must have sound knowledge of accessing software packages and the basic knowledge of computers.
  • He or she will have to assist the administrator so should be ready to work for long hours.

Education and Qualifications:

The qualification needed for a personal assistant is that he or she should be graduated in any stream.

If he or she has a diploma in English literature and office management course it will be an added advantage.

The most important requirement for the job is the candidate should have the experience, desiring for the  job position in huge organizations, he or she  must be a Post Graduate and have minimum two years of experience.

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