Property Accounting Administrator Job Description

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Property Accounting Administrator Job Profile and Description

The job of a Property Accounting Administrator is basically to supervise a team of accountants related to fixed property in which each assigned to various types of accounts or by geographies. The job also includes the productive use of the properties as well as has to do the tax related work, updating of valuation for tax purposes and their disposal also if needed .they are mostly employed in large commercial companies with extensive properties used in the business.   Properties could be real estate used by a chain of malls, department stores or boutiques that are owned by this business or under long term lease, locally or overseas.  They can also be warehouses, manufacturing facilities or a fleet of airlines or delivery vehicles.

Property Accounting Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

  • A property accounting administrator has to conduct, supervise and should  regularly  review the  corporate property holdings and then will have to ensure that if they are productively deployed in the business
  • He or she should always try to develop the commercial value of real estate holdings so will have to maintain the coordination with business managers
  • It is also the duty of a property accounting administrator to keep an eye on the unproductive projects and then conduct biddings for the disposal for unproductive properties of the business.
  • As it is the post  of administration so it is the duty to secure the best deals for any long term property leases so it is needed to conduct negotiations with property owners
  • He or she will have to review the property accounting and approve capitalization and depreciation schedules in the general ledger posting
  • He or she has to maintain an coordination and communication with the government and real estate brokers for updating property valuations, council rates and land tax calculations.
  • The candidate should have the ability to work with the strict deadlines so should have the quality of highly organized to meet strict deadlines.
  • The candidate should have the quality of communication and coordination as the job needs strong communication skills and specifications.
  • The candidate should also be able to handle the financial matters properly so he or she should be financially minded.
  • The candidate must have the excellent and extraordinary computer literacy and should be well aware about the new and modern technologies.
  • The candidate should also have the strong command of Spreadsheets or the software

Property Accounting Administrator Skills and Specifications

Education and qualifications of a property accounting administrator

  • Basic degree: The candidate must have the  BS degree in accounting
  • Candidate having an MBA degree will be an advantage to him or her.
  • Candidate having the previous experience of working in a finance role handling fixed assets or properties is preferred will also the advantage.

Property Accounting Administrator Salary

The salary of a property accounting administrator actually depends up on the state location or type of industry.

The Property Accounting Administrator is a manager who can earn between $65,000 and $95,000 annually on a full time employment.

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