Agriculture Engineer Job Description

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·          Agriculture engineer Job Profile and Description

An agriculture engineer basically has the duty to first of all visualize, design, and construct equipments, structures and facilities which will help the farmers to improve the quality of agriculture production. He or she use the knowledge of biological sciences as well as engineering technology and then implement them to various problems in the field of agriculture related to machines, irrigation, power, electrification, soil and water conservation, and processing of agricultural products.

·          Duties and Responsibilities of an agriculture engineer

An agriculture engineer has to fulfill a variety of tasks and here are some of the duties and responsibilities which are as follows:

  • An agricultural engineer has to deal with the problems faced by farmers related to effects of weather conditions like temperature, humidity, and light, and the procedure or effectiveness of using insecticides
  • It is the duty to design the various equipments which will be very helpful in facing the challenges by the farmers.
  • He or she will have to use the various testing equipment for sensing, measuring, and recording different challenges faced by farmers
  • He or she will have to be very active in  making  and directing  the construction of machinery for land tillage, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, and tackles plant and animal disease, insect control etc
  • He or she has to prepare and look for the construction of structures for storage of crops, animal shelter, water supply, and waste disposal
  • He or she has to plan and supervise the construction of power distribution systems.
  • He or she will have to design for the construction of drainage, flood-control measure for soil and water conservation which is the major problem of farmers.
  • It is the basic duty to aware the farmers about the farming practices
  • He or she should conduct radio and television educational programmers for farmers, local groups, farm cooperatives and give advice on better farming practices

·          Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications which are needed to be an agriculture engineer are as follows:

  • The job needs a lot of hard work so it is very necessary for the candidate that he or she should be willing to work hard as this kind of jobs may take one to the interiors or countryside too
  • This job needs a lot of attention and creative mind so the candidate should be  observant and have good research skills
  • As they will have to plan, design and construct the equipments so they need to be experimental and be innovative

·          Education and Qualifications

  • The candidate desiring for the job should have at least a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering, where universities or colleges offer four- and five-year courses.
  • If the candidate desiring to research or teaching positions one needs to have a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • In some countries, one also needs a state license to work.

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