Agriculture Job Descriptions

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v     INTRODUCTION OF THE AGRICULTURE:  In many countries or we can say in most of the countries agriculture forms the prime occupation of the majority of people. We can define ‘AGRICULTURE’ as a method of producing goods and food with the aid of farming. It has brought civilization along with it. The process, agriculture is very wide and expanded. It includes various techniques and spheres, which consist of expansion of land for raising plants and various forms of irrigation.

v     UNIVERSITIES FOR EDUCATION:  As the field agriculture has a lot of opportunities in it so there are various degree colleges, post graduate colleges and universities which are undertaking the research and education for its knowledge and veterinary science.

v     CARRER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FIELD: One can become an Agriculture Research Scientist (ARS) or an Agriculture Development Officer (ADO). One can also opt for Research Scientist in private sector organizations.

v     OTHER CARRER OPPORTUNITIES: There are many other options like posts of Scientists with grades III, II and I, lab technicians and farm technicians. Other job opportunities are in land appraisal, labeling, packaging, farm management and transportation. If someone has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural Science then can also apply in banks, insurance companies, colleges and various other related areas.

v     JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Agriculturists are also appointed in service sectors for inspection. Also different government agencies appoint agricultural employees at the district, state and central level. One can get the better job opportunities going for B Tech in agriculture can give you better job opportunities.

The jobs are related to rural reconstruction, agriculture development, machinery, water conservation, electricity, etc…

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