Agriculture Marketing Job Description

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o         Agriculture marketing Job Profile and Description

The duty of an agricultural marketing officer is to deal with the demand and supply of agricultural products and services so indirectly it satisfies the needs of the buyers and brings in profits for the supplier. The agriculture marketing officer is responsible for pricing, selling. The duty includes all the work which is to be done for the marketing of a product so will have to do the market research, advertising, promotion, packaging, transport, and placement, planning, and accounting.

o         Duties and Responsibilities

An agriculture manager has to do fulfill a lot of duties as it is the question of the marketing of a product. The position comes with lots of responsibilities so basically he or she will have to do the following tasks:-

  • Working for the agriculture supply companies as well as with the farmer cooperatives to know the demand and supply ranges.
  • Interacting with the farm marketing bodies to do the marketing of farm produce.
  • Supplying the agricultural machinery which includes tractors, seeders, ploughs, harvesters, etc. to farmers in a specified region
  • Planning and developing the strategies in order to attract the buyers.
  • Implementing the strategies and the planning into the business to increase the profits.
  • Leadership of the sales staff those who are working for an agricultural chemical company have to be in charge of sales staff.
  • Distribution and advertising for the company and the products  within a state or the entire country
  • Taking care of the management and then the distribution of products.
  • Will have to be an in charge of marketing produce from member farms in some of the areas.
  • Developing and building the list of clients and customers who would stick to them even a fluctuating market

o         Skills and Specifications

The candidate desiring for the job needs to possess the following skills and specifications:

  • The candidate should have the excellent communication skills both verbally and written.
  • Must have the application of those skills with various marketing strategies are required for the job.
  • Must have the team working skills so will be able to work in a team.
  • Leadership skills to be a team player is also important
  • The job needs a lot of hard work so must have the ability to work hard. must be persuasive and be ready to do a lot of legwork
  • Must have the ability to think critically  and identifying the target customer
  • Must be able to  understand the needs of the customers
  • must be good with numbers and in mathematics and must be able to make quick calculations
  • should be able to organize the work perfectly  and maintain proper records of sales, profits and losses

o         Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in management and commerce is basic.
  • Candidate should be specialized in agriculture sciences are good options if one is interested in this line
  • There are more courses available on applied management, farm management, agricultural marketing

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