Agriculture Worker Job Description

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Agriculture worker Job Profile and Description

Agricultural worker has to do the common works of agriculture. They are employed by farms, ranches, and nursery houses. The duty basically includes getting food, plants, and other agricultural products to the market. They are directly involved in ploughing, planting and harvesting crops, installing irrigation facilities. They also have to take care of the crops in general by using fertilizers, removing weeds, using pesticides, etc. and do the basic works.

 Duties and Responsibilities

An agriculture worker has to fulfill a number of duties which are as follows:

  • Agriculture workers are involved with a wide range of activities and have to perform a lot of tasks.
  • He or she will have to do the works such as raising crops, rearing livestock to operating farm equipment perfectly.
  • He or she has to do the job of growing and harvesting of crops and fruits.
  • He or she can directly contribute to the  crop, nursery, and greenhouse laborers and also pack and load crops for shipment
  • It is also the duty to keep the plants healthy so will have to apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to crops
  •  He or she will be needed to repair the fences and checking and operating the farm equipments that if they are working well or not.
  • He or she also needs to do the work like operating the milk machines.
  • Farm and ranch animal farm workers are mainly responsible for livestock, poultry, water animals etc
  • Agricultural workers sometimes need to work as agricultural equipment operators so will have to do that also.
  • He or she has to use a variety of farm equipment to plow, sow seeds, and harvest crops so should have the knowledge.

Skills and Specifications

There are the following skills and specifications which are needed to be an agriculture worker:

  • An Agriculture worker should be physically very strong and need to be extremely hard-working
  • The candidate should be able  to plough the land, sow seeds, water the plants, harvest them etc
  • He or she should have the knowledge of doing the basic work related to the plants.
  • He or she should  well known about the conditions are ideal for their growth and maintenance
  • Candidate must have the good communication skills and have an interest in the business
  • The talented candidate  may be promoted to being the crew leader or other supervisory positions

Education and Qualifications

  • Agricultural workers usually don’t need a college degree
  • Usually only a high school degree is enough for the job.
  • They require few technical skills
  • He or she can learn their skills on the job.
  • Some candidate should have degrees that train them to breed animals etc.

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