Biologist Job Description

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Biologist Job Profile and Description

A biologist is the one who studies about the origin and development of animal life.  They studies and do the research about the basic principles of their anatomy. They also studies about the functions and their relationship with the environment. They used to collect and interpret the environmental effects of the present and potential use of land and water areas. He or she has to record the data and then accordingly gives suggestions for the well-being of the eco-system.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities which a biologist has to do and they are as follows:

  • A biologist has to study and do the research about the needs on the flora and fauna
  • He or she will have to make the strategies for them to survive and flourishment of them.
  • It will also be needed to prepare the reports time to time so will have to prepare environmental impact reports and also manage them.
  • It will be also a duty to take up teaching jobs in colleges and universities related to the matter and subject.
  • He or she has to be specializing in wildlife research and management so will also have to study about that.
  • He or she has to classify the spices of the organisms.
  • He or she has to study organisms and analyze their structure, suggest solutions for their development
  • He or she basically have to study about the effects on organisms so they need to study the effects on the environment on water and land use, which would in turn affect the organisms
  • He or she also needs to work up on devising methods for increasing crop yields.
  • It is also the duty to be a  part of the environment improvement task they are responsible for
  • The duty of pest control is one of the most important and challenging jobs of biologists as it is needed for the controlling of the pests so that the organisms will not be affected.
  • He or she will also have to study about the other effective things such as pollution and other things like radioactivity on aquatic animals and plants
  • He or she needs to do the research work so will have to take up various research projects for different agencies like government, medical industries, research firms or manufacturing firms
  • They may have to attend workshops and conferences and keep themselves updated.

Skills and Specifications

             The candidate should have the following skills and specifications which are required for the job:

  • HARD WORKING: Biologists need to travel to interior places so it will be very necessary for the candidate to be hardworking.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The candidate should be very good at communicating with people so should have the skills.
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: He or she should have the analytical skills of doing the work.

Education and Qualifications

  • The candidate should at least have a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree in science (botany, zoology etc).
  • Depending on the post one can go for specialized fields like marine biology, wildlife biology etc.

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