Commercial Agriculture Job Description

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Commercial agriculture job profile and description

The role of commercial agriculture operative is to understand of the sector as well as the general administrative capabilities that would be found in similar roles. He or she will have the practical and close relationship with all elements of the farm of agricultural organization. The individual that is performing the role needs to be in a position to take up all the opportunities that are associated with the role right from the beginning.

Commercial agriculture duties and responsibilities

The duties of a commercial agriculture operative include the following points:

  • GENERAL FARM MAINTAINANCE: –He or she will have to do the general farm maintenance which is a basic work.
  • AGRICULTURE RESEARCH: – He or she needs to do the some agricultural research work so that can apply in the farm.
  • MARKETING: – He or she will have to do the marketing on a small scale as well.
  • STAFF SUPERVISION: – He or she has to supervise the staff and supervision in relation to agricultural laborers as well
  • SUPPORTING WORK: – He or she has to provide required support to the farm owner or manager.

Commercial agriculture skills and specifications

The skills that are required for the role of a commercial agriculture operative are as follows:

  1. The candidate desiring for the job of commercial agriculture operative should have the ability to undertake basic agricultural activity.
  2. It will be also needed to have some awareness of the financial aspects of agriculture as it will be necessary.
  3. He or she will have to do organize the staff so should possess the organizational skills.
  4. He or she should have the basic knowledge of handling the equipments and Skills related to the operation of farm equipment.
  5. The candidate should have the team working skills so will have the ability to work as a member of a team.

Commercial agriculture education and qualification

There are no formal educational requirements for many small farms. However the ideal commercial agriculture operative should have some of these qualifications:

  1. The basic degree required for the job is a diploma in agricultural activities which the candidate should have.
  2. It will be beneficial if the candidate will have some research qualification as well.
  3. He or she will have to do the marketing work so should have marketing qualification which is required.
  4. It will be added as an advantage if the candidate will have any low level financial qualification.

Commercial agriculture salary

  • The salary of a commercial agriculture operative is affected by many factors such as the level of working, the scale of working, and may be overtime
  • At the low level starting salary can be of about $30,000. This can then go up to $80,000 on the upper scale.

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