Farm Manager Job Description

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Farm manager job profile and description

The role of farm manager is basically no longer a case of looking after a small plot with a few animals. But some of those have large scale contracts with major supermarkets so it has gone from a domestic one to one that involves international dimensions. The Common Agricultural Policy in Europe demonstrates it. Therefore there is a requirement for someone that is able to excel at this level.

Farm manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of someone that has been in the role of farm manager include the following:

  1. GENERAL FARM MAINTAINANCE: – The farm manager has to manage the general maintenance of the farm.
  2. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: – he or she will have financial management responsibilities and will have to fulfill that.
  3. COMMISSIONING ROLES: – He or she will have to perform the duties of commissioning and purchasing
  4. STAFF SUPERVISION: –He or she will have to do the staff supervision at all levels.
  5. MARKETING: – He or she has to do the marketing on a national level.

Farm manager skills and specifications

The skills that are associated with the role of farm manager include the following:

  1. MANAGEMENT SKILLS: – The candidate needs to possess the management skills to manage the farm perfectly.
  2. FINANCIAL SKILLS: – He or she should have the financial skills to manage the financial department.
  3. MARKETING SKILLS: -The candidate should have the skills of marketing as he or she will have to do the marketing work.
  4. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: – He or she needs to have communication skills both verbally and written.
  5. AWARENESS OF THE FIELD: – He or she should have the general awareness of agricultural processes, methods and procedures.

Farm manager education and qualification

The education of a farm manager can take two routes. They can obtain academic qualifications or they can learn on the job. These are some of the typical requirements for the role:

  1. BASIC DEGREE: – The candidate needs to have a degree or diploma in agriculture which is a basic degree.
  2. Some knowledge of the latest farming techniques, procedures will help a lot.
  3. The candidate should have animal husbandry certificates.
  4. Marketing qualifications: – The candidate should possess the marketing qualifications as will have to do the marketing.
  5. MANAGERIAL QUALIFICATIONS: – The candidate should have managerial qualifications to do the management.

Farm manager salary

  • The salary level for the farm manager will be determined by how good they are at the job.
  • If they are able to bring profitability to the enterprise then there will be no reason why they cannot earn a significant salary.
  • A modest expectation for the salary would range between $60,000 and $120,000. The rates will be considerably higher if the farm is very large or profitable in the first instance.

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