Horticulture Worker Job Description

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Horticulture Worker Job Profile and Description

The job of a Horticulture worker is basically to breed the ornamental plants. It is a branch of science in which they breed ornamental plants and people buy sapling from them. The job also includes takes care of the sapling, till those are sold after breeding them.

Horticulture Worker Duties and Responsibilities

      Horticulture has to fulfill a lot of duties and responsibilities after breeding the plants and then take care of the plants till they get old and they are as follows:

  • A horticulture worker has to primarily take all rounds care of the plants present in the facility properly.
  • He or she will have to take care of the plants from the very beginning that is from sowing seed to keep those strong and healthy.
  • The duties of a horticulture worker include the basic duties such as sowing seeds, water the seeds, make the environment conducive so that the seeds can germinate so on.
  • It will be also the duty of a horticulture worker to let them grow in a safe surrounding by feeding the plants with fertilizer and hormones
  • It is also necessary to keep them safe from insects by using the insecticides properly and time to time.

Horticulture Worker Skills and Specifications

The candidate desiring to do the job of a horticulture worker should have the following skills and specifications:

  • A horticulture worker should have the knowledge about growing plants because it will be the basic duty of worker especially ornamental plants.
  • It will be also necessary to breed the plants in a particular way so He or she should have knowledge about organic breeding and inorganic breeding about plants.
  • He or she should be well-versed and educated about the latest farming technologies and equipments and also the techniques of them.

Horticulture Worker Education and qualification

The candidate desiring for the job of a horticulture worker does not need any kind of degree or professional education. It basically depends up on the following factors:

  • As the person does not need any kind of degree but if the candidate has any kind of educational qualification, especially anything particularly in horticulture then he or she would get preference for a horticulture worker job.

Horticulture Worker Job Salary

  • The salary of a horticulture worker depends up on the  person and horticulture farm
  • The salary of a worker also depends up on the skills and past experience of a person which mostly determines his or her salary.
  • The salary of a horticulture worker comes in a range of $500 – $1500 on monthly basis.

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