Irrigation Technician Job Description

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Irrigation Technician Job Profile and Description

Irrigation is more a technical job then a manual job. The job of an irrigation technician is to look after the techniques those are used in today’s modern irrigation. As we know no crop can grow without the water supply means irrigation governments are showing great interest in this field also.

Irrigation technician duties and responsibilities

The duties of an Irrigation Technician are to take care about the modern techniques using in the field and they are as follows:

  • USING MODERN TECHNIQUES: The irrigation technician has the duty to use all the technologies available to the fullest and try to irrigate more and more land using them.
  • IRRIGATE THE MORE LAND AS POSSIBLE BY USING THE TECHNIQUES: He or she has the responsibility to bring newer technologies into effect and irrigate more land using those newer technologies.

Irrigation Technician Skills and Specifications

      The skills and specifications which are required for the job of irrigation technician are as following:

  • KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGIES: An irrigation technician should possess ample and required knowledge in irrigation technologies.
  • OPEN MINDED: The candidate should be very open minded to fast adopt the new technologies and make most of those in use

Irrigation Technician Education and Qualification

  • BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree for the job is a bachelor’s degree in science..
  • The candidate having the degree of a civil engineering has a better chance to get the job of an irrigation technician.

Irrigation Technician Job Salary

  • The salary of an irrigation technician depends up on a lot of factors such as the person, skills, past experience, and the nature and size of the organization in which he or she is get placed.
  • Generally, the salary of irrigation comes in a range of $2000-$4000.

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