Organic Agriculture Job Description

October 6, 2011

Organic agriculture job profile and description

An organic agriculture operative is the one who basically promotes the organic farming and works for the development of the industry and have the knowledge of it this is a very vibrant sector that works on the principle that you will improve the general outlook for the sector. They are highly paid jobs given the market for these products.

Organic agriculture duties and responsibilities

There are varied responsibilities that are attached to working in the role of organic agriculture professional:

  1. He or she has to research and study about the sectors and will have to find the report
  2. The professional will also have to mange the plots and projects which are associated with organic farming so basically will have to promote that.
  3. He or she will have to coordinate with the different stockholders of the company.
  4. It will be also the duty to oversee and review the marketing activities associated with organic farming perfectly.

Organic agriculture skills and specifications

The skills that are required for the role of organic agriculture professional include:

  1. The candidate needs to have the research skills that are relevant to the field because it will be needed to do the research.
  2. He or she should have the communication skills that are applied to a range of people both verbally and written.
  3. He or she should have the required knowledge of organic culture sector as it will be required.
  4. The candidate should have the skills of marketing related to international and corporate clients.
  5. he or she needs to have good analytical skills.

Organic agriculture education and qualification

The education and qualifications for an organic agriculture professional include:

  1. The job of an organic agriculture operative needs to have a higher qualification in agriculture.
  2. The person should also have the sundry qualifications in the organic farming which will be very helpful.
  3. He or she should have the animal husbandry qualifications as the work is related to that.
  4. The candidate needs to possess the marketing qualifications for the job.
  5. he or she should have the management qualifications to manage the staff and do the work of management.

Organic agriculture salary

  • The salary for an organic agriculture professional is basically depends up on the negotiation with the agreement of the employer.
  • One can expect to command a salary of between $40,000 and $90,000.
  • If they are involved in a specialized field then the salary could go right up to $200,000.

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