Subsistence Agriculture Job Description

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Subsistence agriculture job profile and description

The role of a subsistence agriculture worker requires limited knowledge of the agricultural sector and largely limited to domestic issues. The person does not need to have a very high profile on the national market. There are some farms that require experienced subsistence agriculture workers but there is also the requirement in the developing communities now days.

Subsistence agriculture duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a subsistence agriculture worker will be limited in scope but they are crucial for the survival of the establishment:

  1. The person needs to do the management work and has to do the day to day management of the farm.
  2. He or she should be aware of the detailed farm activities such as weeding and plowing and other related activities.
  3. He or she has to do the work related to the animal husbandry as it is the work related to farm.
  4. it will be also the duty to do the management of the wastage in the farm so will have the  management duties.

Subsistence agriculture skills and specifications

The skills and specification which a person requires as a subsistence agriculture worker include following:

  1. the person has the capability to do the work of basic farm operation
  2. The candidate should have the ability to work under supervision of the seniors
  3. He or she should be able to work as a part of a team so will be able to work with them.
  4. He or she will have to work with the strict deadlines so will be able to work with that as well.
  5. He or she should have the knowledge of standard farm practices and the common procedures of the farm.

Subsistence agriculture education and qualification

The education and qualifications for the role of a subsistence agriculture worker are not too stringent and rely on the assumption that the role is highly generalized. One could expect the following qualifications:

  1. Basic education. – The candidate should have the basic qualification and the degree of school level.
  2. As they will have to do the work related to the agriculture so should have some agricultural qualifications.
  3. He or she should have some basic health and safety qualification and should be aware with that.
  4. It may be needed to operate the farming vehicles so should at least have tractor operation qualifications.

Subsistence agriculture salary

  • The salary expectation of $20,000 to begin with is a good indicator.
  • At the top of the scale, the individual might be able to command a salary of $50,000 depending on how it has been agreed in the first instance first of all.

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  1. Masud says:

    Resume of Masud Hosain
    [email protected]
    Phone no-01943350211

    Career position
    As a Subsistence Agriculture.

    Career objective
    I here by seeking as a subsistence agriculture position where I can put practice the knowledge & skill that. I have acquired through my academic studies and professional experience.

    Education qualification
    Course: Diploma ( 4 years durable )
    Subject: Agriculture
    Result: 3.9
    Passing year: 2010
    Board: Bangladesh technical education board

    Course: SSC
    Subject: Arts
    Result: 3.25
    Passing year: 2005
    Board: Bangladesh madrasah education board

    Job experience
    I am working in Syngenta seed research plant of bangladesh, in bagura. as a field farmer training officer. from 01/10/2010 to til.

    Language skill
    Bangla, English.

    Computer skill
    M.S-Word, M.S-excel, M.S-power point, Photoshop, etc.

    Personal information
    Date of birth: 01/03/1991
    Marital status: Unmarried
    Religion: Islam
    Nationality: Bangladeshi

    Permanent address
    Name-Masud hosain
    C/o-Md Moksed ali sekeh
    country- Bangladesh

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