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v     INTRODUCTION: The job of an Analyst is to carry out investigation of a constrained or a precise place. Now days the demand of the analysts has been increasing very much. The analysts can work in many fields such as marketing analyst, industrial analyst, business analyst and many others and they are in great demand in the companies.

v     DUTIES OF AN ANALYST: The duty of an analyst is to analyze the consumers, value, rivals and financial statistics of a company to determine its current status and suggest methods of improvement.

There are the following fields of the analyst where one can work:

  • BUSINESS ANALYST: A Business analyst takes care of the requirements of customers and stakeholders. He locates the problems and prospects
  • CHEMICAL ANALYST: The person who carries out chemical research and analysis is a chemical analyst.
  • COST ANALYSIS: The person who analyzes the business procedures and necessary steps to be taken for its progress is a cost analysis.
  • INDUSTRY ANALYST: The person who studies the market trends, various segments of industries and performs research on the collected data is an industrial analyst.
  • RESEARCH ANALYST: The person who evaluates the data collected from colleges, schools and universities is an institutional research analyst.
  • PHSYCHOANALYST: Psychoanalyst is a doctor who understands and treats the patient’s unconscious state of mind.
  • SYSTEM ANALYST: A system analyst is a person who examines the design for creating new software.

v     SKILLS REQUIRED: There are some common skills should be preceded by all analysts and these include analytical skills, problem solving skills, eye for details and others

v     EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  The educational qualifications of an analyst actually depend up on the job.

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