Data Analyst Job Descriptions

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Data Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

A Data Analyst is the one who analyze the date effectively for the data management regard to clients’ requests and also develops the rules and methodologies. He or she basically provides strategic and tactical support to the organization by analyzing and interpreting the data to provide creative solutions. He, as a data interpretation expert, should have knowledge of data analysis tools and computer systems technology to do the data management.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by a data analyst:

  • ASSURING THE DATA PROCESS: He or she will have to assure about the integrity of project data, including data extraction, storage, manipulation, processing and finally the data analysis properly.
  • COLLECTING THE DATA: He or she has to collect and collate the appropriate data for usage in databases
  • CONDUCT THE RESEARCH: He or she has to conduct the related research from the data effectively.
  • CONSULTING WITH THE STAFF: It will be the duty to consult with the staff discussing up on the business intelligence needs or information with external clients and internal staff for the data management.
  • BASIC WORK RELATED TO DATA: He or she will be responsible for administration, database design, security, and maintenance and will have to take care about that.
  • CODING: It will be also the duty to encoding the variables accurately from original information or data and completing statistical analyses as required so should be able to do that.
  • PREPARE THE PRESENTATIONS: It will be also the duty of data analyst to prepare the presentations time to time related to the data.
  • MONITOR THE DATABASE SYSTEMS: He or she has to monitor the systems effectively and will also have to maintain the quality nature of database systems as will have to work up on that.
  • ANALYZING THE DATA WITH DIFFERENT METHODS: He or she has to analyze the data with different methods by using the procedures like standard statistical methods, interpreting the results, and providing written summary of data analyses.
  • PROVIDING TRAINNING TO THE STAFF: He or she has to share the knowledge and information of analysis techniques and data coding with other staff and will also train them if needed.
  • WORK WITH THE SCIENTISTS: He or she will have to work with the scientists also to design and develop statistical analyses, which will be very helpful in addressing the projected research questions.
  • PARTICIPATE IN THE DECISIONS: It will be the duty to actively participate in ongoing decisions concerning data collections, study design, methodology, and data analysis, encoding and making the presentations effectively.

Skills and Specifications

A data analyst has to perform a wide range of tasks so should have the following required skills and specifications with the attributes:

  • KNOWLEDGE OF THE TECHNIQUES: The candidate should have the knowledge of statistical methodologies and techniques as well as the process used in the database management.
  • BUSINESS AWARENESS: the candidate should be aware of the latest business trends and the organization he or she is working in.
  • NUMERICAL ABILITY: The candidate will have the numerical ability to work with the numbers.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The candidate should have excellent communication skills both verbally and written so that will be able to communicate with the clients and discuss up on the business matters.
  • FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES: the candidate should have the willingness to adhere to all principles of confidentiality.
  • VALUE THE MANAGEMENT: He or she should be able to value operating in a collaborative and cooperative environment and management
  • OTHER QUALITIES: He or she should be able to show initiative, good judgment in the required field, and resourcefulness sometimes as well.

Education and Qualifications

  • The candidate desiring for the job should at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Statistics, Marketing, or any related field from an accredited institution.
  • It also needed some past working experience in Business Administration related activities.

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    The information provided is indeed helpful however a few minor changes needs to be done. There is a spelling mistake in the heading “PRTICIPATE IN THE DECISIONS”. It should be PARTICIPATE.

    The word analyses should be analysis under the CODING and ANALYZING THE DATA WITH DIFFERENT METHODS headings.

    Hope this helps.

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