Financial Analyst Job Descriptions

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Financial Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

The Financial Analyst is the one who plays a key role in the organization such as banks stock brokerage, corporations, insurance companies to maintain an effective financial management which includes deal with the analysis, examination, and help in effective decision making concerning to financial investments. These experts prepare the reports for the organization on the researched results.

Duties and responsibilities

As it is a very vital and crucial job related to the finance management so he or she has to fulfill a number of duties and responsibilities and they are as following:

  • CONDUCTING THE FINANACIAL ANALYSIS: He or she will have to conduct a common financial analysis of finance reports and records acquired from various departments like marketing, sales, purchase, communication, and production and so on of the organization.
  • EFFECTIVE FINANACIAL PLANNING: He or she has the duty to provide quality service to the customers so will have to develop the  effective and new effective techniques and processes for financial planning,
  • DEVELOPING FINANACIAL METHODS: He or she has to develop the appropriate financial methods and procedures of measuring and evaluating marketing performance.
  • MONITORING THE ACCOUNTS: as it is the duty related to the finance so will have to monitor the accounting reconciliations and procedures effectively time to time.
  • EVALUATING BUSINESS PROPOSALS: He or she has to evaluate the business proposals with comprehensive analysis of monetary impact on business.
  • CALCULATING THE MARKETING EXPENSES: He or she has also to calculate and evaluate marketing expenses and returns.
  • IMPROVING THE PROCESS: it will be the duty to develop the new capabilities and methods for the improvement of processes and effectiveness of spend.
  • SERVE AS A PART: the duty includes serving as a great resource to finance team members and marketing partners on financial measures and analytical methods.

Skills and Specifications

             The candidate needs to have the following skills and specifications to do the job:

  • KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS: The candidate should have a very good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word as it will be needed to work on that.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF BUSINESS STRATEGY: He or she has the knowledge of business operations and strategy to perform the tasks including cost components, business processes.
  • STRONG SKILLS: The candidate should have very strong organization and communication skills both verbally and written.
  • ABILITY OF THE SUPERVISION: It may be possible that candidate will have to work under limited supervision so the candidate should have the ability to work under limited supervision and also can supervise if needed.
  • OTHER SKILLS: Other skills which are required for the field is that the candidate should have very superior analytical abilities, team working capabilities, and result oriented nature.

Education and Qualifications

  • BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree which is required for the field is that the candidate should at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, or Accounting.

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