Project Analyst Job Descriptions

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Project Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

            Project Analysts basically provide the support to the project managers in managing, planning, and monitoring key projects from conceptions through implementation. They have to perform a variety of tasks such as gather and analyze data to establish and maintain corporate business policies, processes, and procedures in order to provide support to departments, preparing various reports that cover forecast reports, budget status, and other management related reports.

Duties and Responsibilities

A person working as a project analyst will have to fulfill the wide range of responsibilities and they are as following:

  • It will be the duty of project analyst to provide the help in coordinating in the preparation of external and internal external reports
  • He or she will have to do the work related to collecting, analyzing and summarizing information from departments.
  • He or she will have to report time to time on project deliverables and schedules
  • He or she has to do the planning also and should work up on overall project planning conception to implementation.
  • He or she has to monitor the reports related to the expense and income and program revenue as well.
  •  It will be also necessary to oversee and review the work for completeness and accuracy with transparency.
  • It will be the duty to develop, design and establish the reporting standards and principles for the company.
  • He or she will have to study the assigned programs and should be very understandings to the client’s requirements
  • It will be the duty to analyze the defined program goals and targets perfectly that if they are according to the company standards.
  • He or she has to see that if the programs are efficient and working with efficiency so will have to evaluate and monitor the efficiency and performance of programs
  • He or she has to oversee timely that program execution is on target or not.
  • He or she has to study and will have to assist in the initiation process by  conducting studies and research
  •  It will be the duty to evaluate the financial program reviews coordinating in analysis to allocate resource, and evaluating financial program reviews.

Skills and Specifications

As the job of a project analyst is very vital and crucial so it needed a lot of skills and specifications and they are as following:

  • The candidate should have strong and sound knowledge of fiscal planning, business case development, and contract management to do the job effectively.
  • He or she should have to develop the methods and procedures so should have very strong knowledge of program application
  • The candidate needs to possess very solid general management, leadership, and organizational skills to organize everything.
  • He or she should have the ability to correspond both in writing ideas and orally and should have extraordinary communication skills.
  • It will be very necessary to analyze the situation effectively and should have the ability to analyze issues systematically.
  • He or she should have the creative ability and analyzing ability so will be able to recommend practical ways using innovation,
  • The candidate should have the ability of good judgment, creativity and strategic thinking in the situations.

Education and Qualifications

  • BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree which is required for the job is that the candidate should at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Accounting, Public Administration or finance.
  • It will be added as an advantage if the candidate will have a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, or accounting or any related field.

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