Bank Risk Manager Job Description

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Bank risk manager job profile and description

The role of a bank risk manager is very crucial especially in the modern banking as he or she has to balance the need for profits with a healthy assessment of risks which has been the key determinant of success. He or she is called the eyes and ears of the institution as the role is to determine the risk involves in the loans that are offered and the various client groups that are admitted.

Bank risk manager duties and responsibilities

A bank risk manager has to perform a vial job therefore when it comes to the question of duties it includes a wide range.  The duties of a bank risk manager include the following:

  • The bank risk manager has the primary duty to assess lending criteria on a regular basis.
  • As it is the role of a manager so it is needed to oversee the tasks of the employees that whether they are following procedures or not.
  • He or she has to report regularly to senior managers so has to prepare reports daily.

Bank risk manager skills and specifications

The attributes which are needed to be a bank risk manager are as follows:

  • The most important required skill in the candidate is the understanding of the   complex calculations that will underpin risk assessment.
  • He or she needs to be very focused and attentive and have the ability to pay attention to detail and even to the miner things.
  • He or she must have the ability to work as a part of a team and assist the strategic teams in their work.
  • The candidate needs to have excellent analytical and investigative skills.

Bank risk manager education and qualification

The candidate having a good degree will start off the quest for his or her career as a bank risk manager. The other requirements are as follows:

  • The candidate should have banking qualification for the good grounding in the industry.
  • It will be definitely added as an advantage for the candidate who has secured some IT training from a certified institution.

Bank risk manager salary

The salary basically depends up on the size of the portfolio and experience with the training as well:

  • The salary for a bank risk manager starts at about $80,000.
  • Venture capitalists might be able to pay top salaries of $250,000.

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