Bank Teller Job Description

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Bank teller job profile and description

A bank teller is the one who undertakes bank transactions that is why he or she is called a cashier. He or she is usually the first employee that a customer sees at the bank. They are also most likely to detect fraudulent transactions, notes, checks etc and help prevent losses at a bank.

Duties and Responsibilities

A cashier has to fulfill a wide range of responsibilities and they are as following:

  • Bank tellers have the duty of checks encashment, savings deposits, withdrawals and issuing the checks etc as they are the in charge of that.
  • He or she has to develop the business so will have to promote products and services like loans or any other schemes, mortgages, etc.
  • He or she has to deal with the transactions related to business referrals like trust, insurance,
  • He or she has to help the customers in their basic enquiries and need to resolve issues or guide them
  • He or she must keep accurate balance in their drawers check if everything is accounted for
  • It will be the duty to order products for the customer like checks, deposit slips, etc

Skills and Specifications

The candidate needs to have required skills and specifications to do the job of a bank teller or cashier:

  • The candidate should have  a very friendly behavior and needs to be calm while interacting with customers
  • He or she should have the deep knowledge about the products and services so will be able to provide the customers with necessary information
  • He or she has to be very hard working as have to work under pressure and also long hours, including holidays
  • He or she should have mathematical skills to quick handling transactions
  • The moral responsibility is to maintain customer confidentiality so should be very honest.

Education and Qualifications

  • BASIC DEGREE: the basic degree which is required for the job is bachelor’s degree in commerce with specialization in economics, accounting, and finance.
  • The other requirements are the knowledge of book keeping and computers specially data entry and other programs.
  • The candidate having a master’s degree in business administration and or an equivalent degree will be added as an advantage.

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