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v      INTRODUCTION: The field banking is one of the most crucial and delicate area in the job market. It is true that with the advent of modern economic and financial initiatives, frauds and crimes too have increased rhythmically unfortunately and it is a part of harsh reality now.

v      BANKING JOB: As the name sounds the banking jobs not only include the jobs in the core banking domain but it also includes investment banking, customer support banking, asset management etc

In short we can say, working in a banking sector means having proper control over the employees, besides working hard to make a common status beyond debit/credit and profit/loss statements.

v      JOB OPPORTUNITIES: The job opportunity in the field of banking is very strong in the fields such as Chairman, general managers, chief managers, regional heads and branch managers are some of the administrative posts offered in the nationalized banks

The jobs for a fresher graduate which are now provided directly at the provisional posts are clerical posts together with cashiers and other opportunities are some of the competitive areas at the entry point.

v      CHANGE OCCURED IN THE FIELD:  Avery big change has been seen in the jobs. Some time back, the jobs in banking sector rounded around only the traditional prospects. But now days with the dawn of highly professional management and technical courses with the specialized Information Technology and MBA vacancies are now becoming tempting opportunities especially in the private banks.

v      SKILLS: As the, banking jobs considered as one of the highest paid breaks so it demand traditional skills of fast calculation, convincing communication along with leadership qualities and technical knowledge.

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