Business Banking Job Description

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Business banking job description and profile

The business banker is the one who serves for the business persons and handle their accounts. He or she has to ensure the smooth running of the accounts and handle and manage the business related issues of them such as accounts; loans, partnership etc… as the banking need of a businessperson are different from a normal consumer. Therefore, in contrast to retail banking, commercial or business banking is offered to businesspersons.

Business banking duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which a business banker has to fulfill are very vast. Here are the some duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled:

  • The primary duty is to increase the customer base for the bank by surveying the market and acquiring customers, both small and large businesses.
  • He or she has to prepare and set up all the accounts for businesses
  • He or she has to do all the paper work needed to the process for of loans that businesses require.
  • He or she has to interact with the customers for their different kinds of loan offers and procedures
  • He or she first of all has to determine the financial condition of the client by studying the investment plans and find eligible for the loans.
  • He or she has the duty to provide effective customer service to the client and be I touch with regular updates.
  • He or she has to make sure about the customers prompt in their payment by sending reminders.
  • The duty also includes preparing and updating the separate accounts for the clients with the   banking details regarding installments
  • He or she has to maintain the safety of banking transactions and safeguard the personal details of customers and the bank with the confidentiality

Business banking skills and specifications

The skills and specifications needed in a candidate to do the job of a business banker are as follows:

  • NEGOTIATION SKILLS: The candidate needs to have exceptional and extraordinary communication and negotiation skills to maintain interpersonal relationships
  • KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE SECTOR: the person should be very well aware of all the accounting and business banking procedures and the banking rules of the state as well.
  • ANALYTICAL ABILITY: He or she should be able to analyze the things easily so it needed high level of analytical ability.
  • ATTENTIVE AND DEVOTED: He or she should be very dedicated towards the work and should be very attentive.
  • ORGANIZATION SKILLS: He or she should be organized, responsible and must maintain confidentiality about customer details

Business banking education and qualification

The education and qualification of a business banker are:

  • BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree required is a bachelor’s degree in business management, account and finance or commerce.
  • In some cases, Master’s degree in the same subjects is desirable

Business banking salary

The salary of a business banker may be $60,000 and $100,000 per annum, with the median being $89,000.

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