Financial Operations Manager Job Description

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Financial operations manager job profile and description

The job of a financial operations manager is one of the most senior and vital roles within any of the organization. The person needs to demonstrate that he or she has an exemplary record to cope the duties very well that are attached to it. The role is one of the crucial areas where accountants tend to do very well if given management training.

Financial operations manager duties and responsibilities

A financial manager has to fulfill a large number of duties as it is a very comprehensive and the most senior job. The financial operations manager has to fulfill the duties as follows:

  • A financial operations manager has the prime duty to take the strategic responsibility for the finance department.
  • He or she has to supervise and manage the middle level managers and accountants.
  • He or she has to prepare the reports for executive team timely and update it properly when needed.
  • It will be the major duty to handle the meetings and liaise with major client groups on occasion.

Financial operations manager skills and specifications

The specifications for a financial operations manager can be quite complex depending on the employer but though here are the following attributes which candidate should have:

  • The candidate needs to have the exceptional ability to be a strategic manager.
  • He or she should be a strong communicator and should have required analytical skills.
  • The candidate must be very friendly in nature and should be able to establish harmonious relationship with the senior colleagues.
  • He or she should have required exceptional planning skills.

Financial operations manager education and qualification

  • The candidate needs to have thorough knowledge and required qualification related to industry.
  • The educational requirements for a financial operations manager include a post graduate qualification such as an MBA.
  • The other requirement is the accountancy and financially qualifications which are highly valued in this field.

Financial operations manager salary

  • The starting salary is $150,000 for a medium sized institution.
  • There have been many employers who are willing to pay $1,000,000 for a suitably qualified financial operations manager.

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